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At ExpansiveDLC, we would like to introduce Hextraction to your possible gaming future. Conceived at a 48 hour global game jam, this game has already caused quite a stir before it hit Kickstater.

Have a watch, a read and a look below, then when your appetite is wetted, the Kickstarter link for Hextraction is at the bottom for you to help get this game out there.

The Hextraction full release will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and OUYA. It will be released simultaneously on the Steam and OUYA store, as well as a DRM-free download.

Hextraction (Indie Game) – Now on Kickstarter!

Hextraction is a real time strategy game for PC / Mac / Linux and OUYA where you
create your own unique Hextraction Mercenary Crew – harvesting resources, building structures,
fending off enemies and exploring dangerous territories.
Replay-ability is a central focus of development for the game, ensuring that players will
always have a unique experience every time they play. This is done through generating
procedural characters, maps, and story elements at random.


Hextraction was developed in Unity and was born from the 48 hour Global Game Jam
competition in early 2014. In those 48 hours, we created a game that really took us by surprise
and got us very excited! While the content seen today is just a glimpse into the overall
experience, we believe it is able to convey the epic, action-filled adventure that the final game
will take you on.

The Hextraction universe is one where humanity has achieved interstellar travel but still
heavily relies on natural resources such as oil to fuel technology. Mining corporations throughout
the galaxy bid on planetary resource contracts but sometimes they decide to go rogue and hire
mercenary crews to take it by force.

Single player experience, you choose your unique crew to play with through the
campaign in order to conquer territories and take all the resources for yourselves. You want to be
the top corporation in the field. How you get there is completely based on you and your team.
Make friends or destroy everything in your way, you choose your own path to the top.

The path to creating a successful team consists of three parts. The first is choosing which
corporation to work for. Who you choose to work for has a large impact on your progression
throughout the game. Various upgrades, abilities, wealth, and how well a corporation can
negotiate are all major factors which come in to play.

The second is choosing your Captain. The Captain is the leader to your team and a
powerhouse player on the battlefield. Your crew is influenced by the Captain, gaining benefits
and bonuses when in their presence.

The final step is selecting your crew. Crew Members, split into top tier, middle tier, and
low tier characters make up the majority of your team. How you wish to select your members is
completely based on personal preference and play style. Grab a couple hardy characters to
accompany your Captain, or a multitude of weaker members in order to manage more tasks and

Your goal as a Hextraction Mercenary Crew is to conquer alien planets and rip them of
their resources. Nobody said you had to play nice…

Missions in Hextraction consist of completing one of two main goals. Either retrieve a
specified amount of resources for your corporation from that territory, or conquer the territory by
annihilating all alien presence. Providing options for both defensive and offensive play styles,
players will be able to play the way they want, and take advantage of the team that they put
together. However, players will have to keep in mind that the procedural story elements may be
easier accomplished with a crew of varying abilities.

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