Kingdom Hearts 02: Birth by Sleep 1.02 rebalances Critical Mode

Even though it’s just popped up on store shelves, a significant Kingdom Hearts 02: Birth by Sleep patch has landed for PS4. Among other things, 1.02 rebalances the Critical Mode which was previously causing plenty of problems for players.

Some even said this had the hardest Critical Mode in the series until now.


  • Adjusted reflect (guard) response
  • Adjusted cartwheel (evade) response
  • Adjusted cancellation timing after a Barrier Cracker (counter)
  • Adjusted MP consumption


  • Adjusted camera speed
  • Adjusted shortcut button response
  • Adjusted magic command display


  • Proud Mode adjustments (lowered the amount of damage received from enemies)
  • Critical Mode adjustments (increased the amount of damage dealt to enemies)


  • Adjusted enemy AI and parameters

According to Slaythe on NeoGAF, the update is significant in that they’ve changed cancelling window for dodges, the shortcut for magic, adjusted camera and speed, and boosted damage in Critical Mode, as well as tweaked enemy AI.

The patch should be available everywhere right now.

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