Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – First Play

It’s hard to imagine that a series like Kingdom Hearts has been around since the days of the PlayStation 2. It is has been a very lucrative venture for both Square Enix and Disney, so it’s no wonder Square Enix has been releasing HD versions of these beloved titles on the PlayStation 3.

The latest titles that have been given the high definition treatment are Kingdom Hearts II and the PlayStation Portable only title Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Both of these come together to form what is called the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix collection.

The version of Kingdom Hearts II included in this package is Final Mix, which is considered the definitive edition. Not only that, but it was also only available in Japan or will continue that way until the release of this package.


Kingdom Hearts 2 itself has aged extremely well, both visually and in gameplay. For those not aware, combat takes place in real time. The player takes control of the main character, Sora, as he continues his journey through the magical worlds of Disney films.

In fact, the use of these Disney locations is nothing short of impressive with every detail taken into account. It makes it all the more exciting to fight in these locations, then continue to explore them.

The reason that this is the definitive edition is due to the fact it contains a few extras cut-scenes and additional fights. It’s the sort of detail that will get fans excited. For many of us, the thought of finally being able to experience these extras will get the mouth drooling.

The graphical update is excellent and has been up-scaled really well. To the point that it might even match up to early PlayStation 3 titles. It definitely shows that Square Enix is committed to making this a true high definition port.

But with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, the experience becomes even more special. Not only is it the first time the title will be playable on PlayStation 3, but it is also yet again a Final Mix, previously only available in Japan.


It definitely feels a lot more complex when compared to the second title. There’s plenty more detail and action going on, despite the fact it’s a handheld release. The combat system seems deeper and includes ideas such as linking with characters in order to use their abilities.

The title itself has been given a rather nice high definition makeover. However, it doesn’t look as visually striking when compared to the second title. It’s only natural given that this was a PlayStation Portable title to begin with and there is only so much the development team can do.

This really seems like a collection that fans will not want to miss out on. Each title seems to compliment the other – in that they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Newcomers might want to get the first Remix collection and brush up on the world of Kingdom Hearts before this comes out.

If the full titles are anything like this visually, then they will most likely continue to captivate fans and make new ones when it is released. Just in time for Kingdom Hearts 3. Whenever that releases.

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