Kingdom Two Crowns Dead Lands Update crosses over with Bloodstained

RAW Fury are collaborating with 505 Games to bring the world of Bloodstained into Kingdom Two Crowns.

An ominous new update is coming which lets players change their mounts while exploring, but also switch between four monarchs.

Interestingly, these four characters will all be familiar faces from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

The characters included are Shardbinder Miriam, Zangetsu, Gebel, and Alfred. Each one has powerful traits.

In Dead Lands, you’ll also be able to roam around on a Giant Beetle, while also layout traps, as well as Gaming, the mythic demon horse.

Excitingly, the update will also support co-op, which really opens up some cool possibilities.

Dead Lands releases on April 28!

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