Rover is returning to Animal Crossing, tons of new updates coming April 23

Nintendo are throwing out the free updates this week and Animal Crossing New Horizons is next to benefit.

The massive event begins with introducing new visitors from April 23, including Leif’s Garden Shop, where you can buy shrubs and plant them in your garden.

Crazy Redd is also coming back as Jolly Redd and has his own boat called the Treasure Trawler, which lets you buy artwork and antiques.

The museum is also going to get a massive expansion to compliment the new artwork.

We’ve also had an update on the events coming to the game beginning April and through to June. Starting with Nature Day which runs until 4th May and this will include nature themed goals that give you Nook Miles.

Then there’s May Day between 1st and 7th May, which lets you take a one time May Day Ticket at the airport and you’ll get to visit a unique island.

Oh, and there will apparently be a very special visitor lurking there. A visitor subtly shown off in the new trailer. Who are we talking about? Animal Crossing legend, Rover, of course!

International Museum Day is next from 18th May to 31st, and it means you can collect stamps to earn rewards.

Finally, there’s Wedding Season between 1st June and 30th June, where you can take anniversary photos and get wedding themed gear. Which is nice.

Big updates aplenty, time to dive back in. That is, if you never left in the first place…


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