League of Legends adds Showdown mode

They’ve only gone and done it. Riot Games have finally added Showdown mode to League of Legends. 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 battles are now available. 

The showdown mode has been highly anticipated by players and is sure to settle many boasts and brags, at least for a short time.

This experimental mode can only be played on Howling Abyss and can be determined by three means of victory. Either scoring first blood or two kills in 2v2, waveclearing the way to 100 creep score or destroying the enemy turret before yours is obliterated. 

The experimental mode has been developed by a small team within Riot to change up the game and is the second effort in recent months – the first being One For All. The modes will be cycled regularly and are only short-lived for testing purposes.

And on that note, be quick! Showdown will only last until January 2nd. I guess you know what you’ll be doing over the festive period now, eh?

Check out this release video for a sneak peek…

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