League Of Legends 3.02 Patch: Queue times nuked.

League of Legends is about to get patch 3.02 and thankfully, Riot have included more than just bug fixes.

League of Legends players are used to frequent patches which Riot pump out for their popular MOBA title. In the latest patch, 3.02, players will be treated to something long requested. Shorter queue times. Usually, to get into a game on League of Legends, summoners wait around five minutes. This patch fixes that by increasing optimisation when finding opponents, reducing the queue time.

In addition to that, certain champions such as Akali and Anivia will be receiving balance tweaks along with numerous bug fixes. The list of champions affected by the patch are extensive. So, if you are interested in the update I suggest checking out the “Patch preview” and full patch notes.

As a League of Legends player myself, I will be thankful for the reduced queue times and bug fixes. What about you?

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Aaron Lapper

Aaron Lapper is primarily a PC gamer but has experience with every type of modern day console. Most of the time you'll find him lurking around on Steam playing League Of Legends or any RPG he can get his hands on.
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