League of Legends: For the Freljord!

The wait is finally over as we welcome the Freljord patch.

This patch, as you know, has been a long while coming. When I woke up this morning to see a huge list of new content, my LoL gland was raging.

Today we welcome patch 3.6.

Patch 3.6 not only introduces the long awaited Sejuani and Trundle re-works into the game, but it also introduces the champion, Lissandra. In addition to this, Shyvana, Volibear and Anivia are getting some suitably themed Freljord skins.

In this patch there is simply too much to cover in depth, so just check out the official patch notes here. Keep a look out in the coming weeks for my overview/review of the new reworks and Lissandra so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy the champions.

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Aaron Lapper

Aaron Lapper is primarily a PC gamer but has experience with every type of modern day console. Most of the time you'll find him lurking around on Steam playing League Of Legends or any RPG he can get his hands on.
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