Call of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Image Appears

A teaser image for the supposed next title in the Call of Duty franchise ‘Ghosts’  has appeared on Activision’s official page. The image itself is a mosaic slowly being formed as more and more people visit the page and connect either through Facebook or Twitter, thus adding their own mug-shot in order to make the final image.

Although the image at the time of writing is not fully formed, it does appear to be taking the shape of the famous skull branded mask adorned by the character Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, a character who we last saw in Modern Warfare 2.

This only adds fuel to the speculations that the next game in the franchise is to be a prequel title based on the character, which came about following Tesco’s accidental listing of Call of Duty: Ghosts featuring box art of  a soldier wearing the same skull mask via their digital store.

No official comment about the image has come from Activsion although following a leaked photo of a GameStop display the game is expected to be announced later this week.