League Of Legends: Quinn and Valor Unveiled

League Of Legends is getting another new character, this time it’s in the form of Demacia’s Wings.

League Of Legends has nothing short of a huge Champion roster. Boasting over 50 champions the game has one of the most varied lineups of any MOBA to date. Well, it’s about to get bigger. Quinn and Valor, otherwise known as the Demacia’s Wings, will be gracing your game very, very soon.

Quinn and Valor will form a aggressive carry duo that during the laning stage, have a high capability of securing kills. Oh, they will also be one of the most mobile teams in League of Legends, meaning that they will be the perfect contenders for Ganks both at early and end game.

Having abilities like Heightened Senses allows the duo to seek enemies out when they are fleeing by enabling you to see in the brush. Jukes? i think not. In addition to this Vault will allow the duo to maintain distance whilst slowing the enemy, putting them wide open for some skillshots.

Damn I want this champ…


If you want to check out the lore for the duo, or the full character specification check out the League of Legends website. No release date has been confirmed for the champ, as of yet. If the past is anything to go buy it should be released this month.

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