The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Champions Ballad is out tonight

A big shock from the VGAs, Breath of the Wild’s second major DLC – The Champions Ballad – will be out tonight!

The Champions Ballad has been without a release date since the latest Zelda launched with Switch back in March, but a promised part of the game’s expansion pass.

The Champions Ballad offers brand new shrines, as well as new item quests, dungeons, and enemies.

The big story, though, is that Link will be able to get hold of a bike. Yes, a similar bike to the one he rides in Mario Kart!


Apparently, this was one of the early concepts for Breath of the Wild and it really fits into the theme of the game where Link is uncovering the secrets of an ancient, ahead of their time, civilisation.

The Champions Ballad can be purchased as part of the game’s season pass for £18 and along with The Master Trials, adds some really juicy, compelling content to the post game.

Expect a full review from us soon.

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