Aven Colony receives new buildings, threats and water in Expedition update

Content update 2 has gone live for Aven Colony on Steam and added a bunch of new features to expand your playing experience.

Entitled the Expedition Update, there are 4 new remote installations to extend the colony out onto the planet with remote settlements, missile launchers, deep core mines and solar arrays

There is also the Colony Terminal, which is a new morphing skyscraper that now houses colonists and has a hovercar transport terminal.

You’ll get an Ark launcher to send Ark vessels outward to build new installations and a transceiver option to collect solar power.


The update also includes new attackers, threats, upgrades and even a water system that enhances the look and feel of all the oceans, lakes and rivers in the game.

The camera system has also had an upgrade, allowing for smoother transitions with zooming in, and satellite features.

The update is still being worked on for consoles but is expected soon. Steam owners, on the other hand, can grab it right now!

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