Loadout – Update 2.0 brings us more fun & death!

If you’re a fan of Loadout (like myself) you’ll know that there have been a few issues (and wants) within the game that you’d like to see changed and added. Well, the developers at Edge of Reality have listened to the Community and released a storming load of updates for Loadout in Update 2.0.

The full change log is listed below and it’s massive. Loading it up this morning, I instantly gained a whole load of past achievements and went straight into a game of Domination. If you haven’t played Loadout already and you don’t get easily offended then this game is highly recommended for you. You can check out our As We Play and Patch Review for more information.

Clearly a fluke

Villordsutch just being great as usual

Here be the changes –


New Map: Spires
Dive-roll headfirst into the nooks and crannies of Spires — playable with every game mode!
New Mode: Domination
Frantically capture and defend control points scattered around each map. Get ready to dominate!
WATCH the video:

Steam Achievements
This was a heavily requested community features and now it’s here! Achievements are retroactive, meaning you don’t have to re-do them if it’s already completed.
New Weapon Parts and Equipment
Deployable Shield
Wave Propulsion
Double-Barrel Launcher
New Features
Join-a-game feature is enabled
The News Feed now cycles through messages
New Character Customization Parts
Helga’s Black Sci-Fi Shirt
Helga’s Black Sci-Fi Belt
Axl’s Night Vision Goggles
T-Bone’s Overalls with red tank top
Weapon Balancing
Reduced how much dive roll puts out fire.
Improved damage on Pulses by about 7% across the board.
Reduced Sniper Pulse headshot damage by about 7% (to counteract Pulse Buff).
Improved aimed accuracy of Sniper and Headhunter Barrel on Pulses.
Reduced arc range and damage on Tesla beams.
Increased charge time on Pulse Charge Trigger for Scatter Barrels, and reduced charge time for Sniper Barrels.
Made flak disperse more evenly across its damage radius.
Reduced rate of fire for semi-auto trigger on beams.
Reduced rate of fire for Sniper Barrel on Beams.
Reduced blast radius of Manual Detonation.
Liquid cooling for beams has a slightly reduced beam vent speed.
Reduced the movement accuracy bonus on Aluminum stock.
Slight reduction to full auto Sniper Beam DPS.
Gatling Barrel gives slightly more recoil.
Light Assault Barrel’s range is reduced slightly.
Personal Shield Changes
No longer always on
Must be activated
Lasts for 10 seconds
Can be renewed by an equipment pickup packs
Gameplay Changes
Reduced the frequency that parties are split in the Casual Playlist. Exceptions are:
Party late joins.
Odd-sized parties matching with even-sized parties (Party of 3 and Party of 2)
Reduced the lobby wait time
Players can still join the match in progress up to one minute after the match begins.
Weapon “level” has been removed from the MVP screen.
Bot difficulty has been scaled back.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing ghost images to appear on moving HUD elements.
Fixed a bug allowing players to spawn underneath Shattered.
Fixed a bug causing the hammer to sometimes return when both teams reached 10,000 points.
Fixed a bug causing a team to surrender after a player left the match during the surrender option.
Fixed a bug causing the Surrender UI to remain on screen after leaving a game in Annihilation.
Fixed a bug allowing an Annihilation match to continue playing, despite all players on the opposing team leaving the match.
Fixed a crash on shutdown.
Fixed a bug when damaging opponents.
Fixed a bug that did not auto-cycle through the news feed by default.
Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect reward information on the post-match screen.
Improved localization.

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