Lords of Football Gets Medieval on Your Ass

2013 football life-em-up Lords of Football has announced some exciting pre-season DLC to help whip your players into shape. For the meager sum of £3.99 you can get your hands on 16 new training sessions to torment and entertain, including, but not limited to, a giant hamster wheel! Don’t forget Lords of Football is the only game developed under the watchful eye of shiny-headed footballing legend Gianluca Vialli!

Geniaware’s own Claudio Giacopazzi said

“Lords of Football is known for its lighthearted take on training and punishments, and were extremely well received by our passionate community. We’re pleased to offer this new downloadable content pack which has a real gameplay effect that gamers can feel, for example supercharging the team before the start of the new football season. This content reinforces the sense of fun that Lords of Football is famous for.”

To download this nifty DLC, head over to  the official website www.lordsoffootball.com or swing by Steam where you can currently snag the game for just £12.49 (that’s 50% off folks).

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