Lords of the Fallen DLC includes Dark Crusader Class, tincts and items

It’s been an interesting year for Soulslikes, and the best may be yet to come.

Following the brilliant Remnant 2 and Lies of P, Lords of the Fallen releases October 13 across all formats and brings with it some intriguing content.

Serving as something of a reboot for the franchise, Lords of the Fallen has two editions – Standard and Deluxe – and pre-orders for both editions include some bonuses to help you get ahead, including…

  • Exclusive Bronze, Silver and Gold Armour Tincts, used to re-colour any in-game wearable armour item
  • 3 x XP items – used for boosting XP
  • 5 x MP items – used for replenishing mana
  • 5 x HP items – used for replenishing health

However, if you also pick up the Deluxe Edition, you’ll get a Legendary Pack which adds a 100 page digital artbook, as well as a digital soundtrack, composed by Cris Velasco and Knut Avenstroup Haugen.

Interestingly, a 3D Model Viewer is also included so you can look at all of the characters up close and personal.

The biggest addition, however, is the Dark Crusader as a Starting Class. You will be able to play as one of the iconic characters right from the off in Lords of the Fallen and will also be provided with…

  • Armour set
  • Holy Light Explosives
  • Isaac’s Longsword
  • Paladin’s Pendant

Interestingly, it also states that if you pick up the Deluxe Edition you’ll get immediate access to the above which can otherwise be found late game in the standard edition.

It’s just a few short weeks away as Lords of the Fallen arrives on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on October 13 from CI Games.

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