AK-xolotl DLC Roadmap announced for post launch

The brilliant AK-xolotl is out now and we love it to pieces, which is why we’re excited to say there’s more to come.

A huge post-launch roadmap has been announced for the game, likely pushing it through to 2024.

Beginning, presumably this Halloween with Spook-a-lotl, there will be new daily runs, items, weapons, enemies, and room layouts.

Further on releases Critters Everywhere which adds a whole new Biome with new run modifiers, festive bonuses and alternate bosses.

Friends & Foes follows with even more alternate bosses, pet items, new active abilities and classes, and room types.

Finally, Beach Episode adds another new Biome, further room types and items and perhaps most excitingly, fishing!

What’s more, even more content is promised for the future.

We’re calling AK-xolotl one of the best indies of 2023 and can’t wait to keep diving in and check out all the latest updates.

AK-xolotl is out now on all formats.

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