Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 adds X-Men in Rise of the Phoenix DLC

A massive new DLC expansion was announced for Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 last night.

Adding new characters to the game, you’ll soon be able to add fan-favourites Iceman, Gambit, Cable and Phoenix to your rosters.

Following the Curse of the Vampire DLC which included the likes of Blade and The Punisher, this expansion is bringing some more awesome faces to the forefront.

Cable uses his infamous gun to dish out huge plasmablasts that seem to be effective at crowd control. Meanwhile, Iceman can drop a massive ice block on enemy heads and turned supersize to pound foes into the ground.

Gambit relies on his trusty staff and energetic card blasts to break down defensive walls and Phoenix can burn enemies alive, sending them swirling around in the air and far off in the distance.

Addiitonally, the DLC pack will add a new mode, Danger Room Showdown, where you can select unique teams in a hazardous environment, and even test your mettle in Gauntlet challenges.

Rise of the Phoenix brings new X-Men to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on December 23rd!

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