May 2014 DLC Release Schedule

Another month and another run of DLC.

Though this month certainly appears quieter than most, there are a couple of nice surprises here. To kick off the month, more goodness from Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid team while we await The Phantom Pain. Both Xbox and Playstation owners will receive different DLC for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, one focusing on Raiden, protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This month also sees Nintendo’s first ever attempt at a major Season Pass for a First Party Game. Mario Golf World Tour on 3ds will receive two major course packs this month, with a third to follow in June.

We’ll also finally get our paws on Outlast’s Whistleblower DLC. This was delayed slightly from its originally intended April launch window and will be coming on May 6th to PC and Playstation 4.

This month also sees the final piece of content in The Last of Us Season Pass, Grounded.

This month, we also expect to see Titanfall’s first piece of DLC (though a release date has yet to be confirmed), as well as the first major content patch for The Elder Scrolls Online, opening up the realm of Craglorn to adventurers far and wide. There’s even a chance we might see some Resogun DLC this month considering the teasers. Who can say?

For now, check out the DLC Release Schedule for May 2014 as we currently see it. This post will be updated throughout the month


Release Date Game DLC  Format Price
May 1st Metal Gear Solid: GZ déjà vu 360/XO Free
May 1st Metal Gear Solid: GZ Jamais Vu PS3/PS4 Free
May 2nd Mario Golf World Tour Season Pass 3DS $14.99
May 2nd Mario Golf World Tour Mushroom Pack 3DS
May 2nd Mario Golf World Tour Gold Mario (if buy Season Pass) 3DS Free
May 6th Outlast Whistleblower PS4/PC £7.99
May 6th The Last of Us Grounded (NA) PS3 $4.99
May 6th Ragnarok Odyssey EMIL CHRONICLE online set PS3/Vita
May 6th Conception 2 Monokuma Strikes 3DS
May 7th The Last of Us Grounded (EU) PS3 £2.99
May 7th Peggle 2 Windy Masters Pack 360 $2.99
May 8th Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation PS3/PS4/PC £11.99
May 13th Ragnarok Odyssey Puzzle and Dragons PS3/Vita
May 13th Conception 2 Monokuma Strikes 3DS
May 16th GTA V Highlife & Heist PS3/360 Free
May 27th Watch_Dogs Season Pass (NA) All $19.99
May 28th Watch_Dogs Season Pass (EU) All £14.99
May Titanfall Expedition 360/PC/XO £7.99
Mid-May Goat Simulator Patch 1.1 (Splitscreen/new map) PC Free
May Mario Golf World Tour Flower Pack 3DS
May The Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn PC/Mac/Li Free
May? Resogun Local-Co Op DLC PS4
May Mugen Souls Z Hyper Weapon Pack 1 Vita
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