In memory of Luke Carry

The Expansive team were deeply saddened to learn that one of the original members of our developing community recently passed away

Luke Carry was a creative young man who ran his own website, Out of the Box Media, and found Expansive during the early days of our development. He commented on our statuses, engaged in discussion and supported our concepts and ideas through Social Media channels on a day-to-day basis. He helped sculpt the website you see today with his insightful feedback and ideas.

Luke was a young man with a bright future but was sadly stricken with a life-threatening illness. Leukemia.

Despite his diagnosis, Luke’s integrity always shone through. He continued to work on his website and share his passions with the rest of the world. He loved to read, play board games and, of course, video games. Fortunately, he found a regular home at Expansive with others who also enjoyed these same pastimes and often entered into discussions with various members of our team. A position on staff was eventually offered to Luke, but sadly his contributions remained limited due to ill-health.

It is a tribute to the resolve and will-to-live of this young man that he actually went into remission earlier this year. It seemed the worst of the illness was over and he’d beaten it. Sadly, however, the cancer relapsed shortly afterwards.

Despite the news, one of Luke’s final Facebook statuses reads ‘From now on all i’m focused on is fighting this.’  – Even as his final days drew near, Luke was not ready to quit life and did everything in his power to hold on to everything he held dear. Unquestionably, his courage is an inspiration to us all.


And though Luke is gone and can no longer read this, we just want to say thank you for always supporting us. Thank you for sharing your final days with Expansive and with members of our team. We feel so privileged and glad we got the chance to meet you and spend time with you and we’re only sorry it wasn’t longer and that you never got to hear us acknowledge that.

Your desire to live and fight and persevere will live on and continue to inspire many for years to come.

Our condolences go out to Luke’s family during this difficult time. We are all so very sorry for your loss.

You can donate to a 12k obstacle race being run in Luke’s memory and Teenage Cancer Trust by going here

Luke was also hugely supportive of the Delete Blood Cancer Campaign and regularly encouraged people to donate to the cause

About the author

Ray Willmott

Ray is one of the original founders of Expansive. He is also a former Community Manager for Steel Media, and has written for a variety of gaming websites over the years. His work can be seen on Pocket Gamer,, Gfinity, and the Red Bull Gaming Column. He has also written for VG247, Videogamer, GamesTM, PLAY, and MyM Magazine,
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