Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain combine to make Metal Gear Solid V

Hideo Kojima has just confirmed on-stage that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are both one game: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The tease is over. The Phantom Pain is the work of Kojima and will be part of the Metal Gear Solid V story, combined with Ground Zeroes.

In The Phantom Pain gameplay trailer we witnessed, Snake wakes up in a hospital, with a partner voiced by Keifer Sutherland, and is urged to escape. Snake has been at the hospital for 9 years and obviously has a lot of questions, much like the player. To move, Snake has to crawl on his front, stumble into objects and crawl on his knees. He’s that weakened and out of sorts that walking isn’t an option. The attention to detail through the FOX engine is quite incredible. This is very reminiscant of the Snake we saw at the end of MGS4, only now he is wielding a hook on his arm. Through the engine, his interaction with the environment appears incredibly fluid.

It sounds as if David Hayter may also have been replaced as Solid Snake.

According to Kojima, this is an open world game, and from what we’ve seen, it appears to contain a lot of humor. No other details were shared beyond that.

The FOX engine was shown in great detail through a conference room segment. The room came to life in realistic, stunning detail. Even the character models look alive. One example shown by the developers displays the wrinkles of a 100 year old man in the face. Suffice it to say, it seems pretty darn accurate.

Here’s the official trailer grabbed from the livestream…

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