Microsoft Finally Catches Up To Sony & Nintendo With Announcement of Indie Self Publishing

At Microsoft’s Gamescom conference today, the big M seemed to finally buckle under fan and developer pressure and announced their new policy on the self publishing of  Xbox One Indie titles.

Previously Indie games being released on the platform would require their own publisher -a third party to finance and distribute the developer’s game over Xbox Live, but with their new policy indie developers can now self publish their titles.

Microsoft also announced that they will be giving Indie’s full access to Live’s toolset – Kinect, Achievments, Smartglass, Cloud content etc. They announced that Indie developers will receive two free devkits completely free as well – knocking down another step barrier of entry to indie developers.

After many vocal complaints from developers and fans a like, it is great to see Microsoft adopting the same great attitude to indies that Sony and Nintendo have been showing recently.

Stay tuned for more info from Gamescom as we get it.

About the author

Tom Regan

Tom is a London based preview writer with a burning passion for gaming, he also writes for The Daily Joypad as well as doing freelance work.
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