EA Gamescom Showcase Live Text

We’re sat and psyched for EA Gamescom 2013.

Will we learn more about Peggle 2 (Just confirmed as an Xbox One launch title)? Will we get a sneaky glimpse at the Battlefield 4 campaign? And how about that Mirror’s Edge 2 game, huh?

All to be revealed imminently and we’ll be dropping those bombs as they get announced..


And we’re live. And it’s loud! (sub-woofer city!)

Ten titles in development for next-gen systems, as well as PC and Mobile and Tablets.

4.05pm – Live-action trailer being shown with a man with an uber beard and a woman walking out in the rain without an umbrella. Tsk… Of course it’s The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 focuses on The Sims themselves. Their every action is informed and affected by emotional states. There are new creative tools, emotions and gives players the tools to affect Mind. Body and Heart of their Sims. How cool!

Room creation is much improved with dragging and clicking. Sims can be sculpted by hand, and changing their model is like playing with clay. You can pull out their butt or make their nose more crooked. The creative abilities are very impressive.

I don’t know what i’m watching. Guy hits on girl. Guy is bored, plays violin to make other guy depressed. Other guy hits on girl. Depressed guy whips out a voodoo doll and stabs it to get his own back.

4.05 – So, Command and Conquer is back. Gameplay looks familiar. Nice mix of aerial and land-based combat.

4.10 – Huge nuclear attack just wiped out an entire force. Looked fantastic. There is new story content to be added to the game over an extended period. Episodic Story-Driven missions will be released and can be played co-operatively or solo.

4.15 – Now we’re talking. Dragon Age Inquisition! Unfortunately, we just got a Dev Diary. No new information revealed but the game looks great.

4.20 – Far Future, the first major content update for Plants vs Zombies 2 is in development and will be released soon. New worlds to be added all the time.

4.22 – PvZ Garden Warfare will let you play as a zombie. We are getting to see playable zombie classes for the first time. Soldeier has a cannon and a laser blaster. The All-Star has a football cannon and can punt the plants out of his way. Engineer class has a pnuenmatic drill and a powder keg on his back. The scientist class will also feature.

4.30 – Boss mode is also introduced for the game and will be exclusive for Xbox One on Smartglass and Kinect. Boss mode allows you to resupply troops from a top-down perspective. Can also drop zom-bombs like an aerial strike. Kinect gestures are used to control the action.

4.35 First look at Peggle 2. Looks a lot like the original. Hands-on opportunities are available for the game at Gamescom. We’re going to be getting some of that.

4.40 – Now for some UFC. Seeing a highlight reel of some of the best fights.

4.42 – Bruce Buffer paid millions to announce the UFC dev team.

4.44 – The game releases Spring 2014. More live events will be seen across the globe (and especially in Europe). Poor Brian Hayes didn’t get the Bruce Buffer announcement…

4.45 – Tendons and veins bulge out from the character models. Pressure on the body is seen. It looks cringe-worthy realistic. Game coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4.

4.47 – Need for Speed Rivals now. Racers earn more points the longer they stay alive. Get busted, they lose the lot.

Cops undercover shown off in a new trailer.

4.48 – Respawn will be playable at Gamescom. The jetpack-leap off walls mechanic in Titanfall is going to create some exhilarating multiplayer moments. Damn…

4.50 – Titanfall may be a completely multiplayer experience, but the storyline ties are clear for all to see. All accompanied by some good old fashioned Inception themed- BURRRRRRRRRR

4.52 – Titanfall looks mega!

FIFA will be F2p on mobile devices. Touch controls. Tap to pass, Swipe to Shoot.

FIFA World is a downloadable game, this being shown off for the first time at GC.

4.52 – Patrick Stewart commentating for football? Never would have believed it…

4.53 – Chilean and Argentinian division added. Seasons co-op mode allows 2 v 2 ranked play. Match day expanded into seasons. Injuries, suspensions and player form changes based on player events. Start a season on current console and you can migrate to the next-gen system. PS3 to PS4 and Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

4.55 – Stadiums will have more of an identity, featuring pre-match rituals and authentic atmosphere.

5.00 – Battlefield 4 Beta launches in October. Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

5.04 – Shoot fire-extinguishers to disorientate opponent, cut power of a building and use night-vision. Levolution offers an exciting new perspective for the future of FPS titles

5.05 – Some crazy weather effects are shown off, as well as boats hitting land, buildings being shattered and more.

5.07 – Battlefield 4 Premium has been unveiled. Old Battlefield maps reintroduced. 5 expansion packs. 2 weeks early access. Fresh content will be released every week. Obliteration is a new mode. Only one bomb will spawn at any time and appear at a random location. Teams have to destroy their opponent’s base.

5.10 – Battlefield 4 looks great … but d’yathink we’ll see more Mirror’s Edge?

5.13 – Thanks for sticking with us ūüôā

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