Mobile Apps we Recommend this November

With the stratospheric rise in the numbers of people choosing to purchase a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, the market for the premier programmes that run on devices, apps, has similarly experienced a jump. There are apps for practically every person and activity nowadays, though due to the interactive nature of mobile devices, entertainment and gaming apps have definitely experienced the greatest growth compared to other, more informational releases.

With developments happening quickly in the world of applications we thought we’d help out bewildered tappers, showcasing some of our favourite recent additions to app stores!





Many gaming apps fall prey to bright, flashy graphics and animations, providing stress at the moment most people are just trying to have a moment to unwind. HIP SQUARE bucks this trend; it’s simple, beautiful visuals, based around a deceptively simple game mechanic in which one must collect squares to increase their score, are calming without being boring for the player.


Beat Hero: A New Rhythm


Yes, some might say the rhythm game genre reached its zenith around the time when the later iterations of Guitar Hero were released, but there is a still a lot of fun to be had with this well known gaming genre, especially on mobile platforms. Beat Hero allows players to use their own music, tapping out rhythms on the now well known five-strings that most rhythm games utilise, alongside beautiful visuals and lighting effects.


Coral Mobile


For those that love a little wager, Coral’s new mobile app is a must-have. Gaming on the go has never been easier with this new application; odds are continually refreshed and updated, users can watch live sports from the comfort of their smart phone screens, and the app regularly releases deals and freebies for new customers!


Word Swipe 2


The sequel to the app that now boasts over four million players in total, Word Swipe 2 is a whale of a game, far better than the word search in the back of your favourite magazine. There are loads of different types and difficulties of word search to enjoy, and players can even play over the internet with their friends and family members. Boosting your literary skills has never been this fun!




Our final pick isn’t a game, but is just as entertaining and interesting! For those among us that never really grappled with mathematics, PhotoMath allows users to literally take a picture of a mathematical problem or expression, the app’s programming instantly displaying a result! We’re as dumbfounded as you are!

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