Grand Theft Auto V releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X mid 2021

GTA V will cross yet another generation as Rockstar Games have confirmed it will release on next gen consoles in 2021.

Originally releasing at the end of the PS3/X360 era, GTA V was later remastered for PS4/XO and PC. Now, it’s getting another upgrade.

This edition is said to include new technical, visual, and performance upgrades.

We knew GTA Online was coming to PS5 as it was confirmed during Sony’s PS5 Showcase. This is new confirmation for the base game and a new edition on Xbox Series X.

This surely means that GTA VI is still some time away yet, and it will have been 8 years since GTA V first released by the time it comes to next gen. That said, an interesting teaser was uncovered that potentially hints at a 2021 release for GTA VI.

GTA Online continues to thrive, however, and remains a huge success for Rockstar, even in the wake of Red Dead Online. There will be lots of new updates and additional content, some exclusive to next-gen and PC.

GTA Online will also be released standalone in 2021 and will be available for PS5 players for free for the first three months.

More details coming soon.

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