Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a new expansion coming 2019

Capcom made some major Monster Hunter World announcements yesterday, including a full-blown expansion coming in 2019.

Entitled Iceborne, the first major expansion adds a wealth of gameplay improvements to the game to provide a more broad and exhaustive experience for players.

It’s centered around a new campaign, set after the events of Monster Hunter World, which also contains brand new environments to explore and fight within, and an all new quest rank to obtain.


As you might expect, there will also be new equipment to obtain and there’s a wealth of quality of life improvements being added to ‘make the gameplay even more comfortable and enjoyable’

All we have right now is a trailer, showing off a clearly icy setting, with some new monsters, and a release window of Autumn 2019.

Of course, there were some other big reveals during the event, including an exciting crossover with Geralt of Rivia and an Appreciation Fest in January to celebrate the games’ one year anniversary. It seems this is a game that will keep on giving for many years to come.

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