Mutant Year Zero Stalker Trials DLC Now Available, more to come soon

The Stalker Trials Challenge Mode for Mutant Year Zero is now available on PC.

The Stalker Trials is a free update for Mutant Year Zero and sees the maps re-populated with new different enemies.

The challenge also means that you’ll have to buy and upgrade any weapon and armor you decide to use by visiting Pripp the bartender.

What’s more, weekly and all-time top players will get NPCs named after them that can be killed in the game.

Additionally, some Quality of Life fixes have been added, such as improved mouse focus, issues with molotovs being thrown onto train roofs, and skull countdown icons removed from character portraits.

More DLC is to be expected at a later stage but there’s no news just yet. We look forward to seeing what’s next and to hearing what your high scores are in Stalker Trials.

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