Nintendo UK and Digital Schoolhouse go all in on Splatoon 3 in the name of education

A major Splatoon 3 tournament is taking place in collaboration with Digital Schoolhouse, UKIE and Nintendo UK.

This follows previous collaborations between the entities to encourage secondary schools to get more involved in the games industry.

Open to students aged 12-18, they are tasked with taking ‘on real-life games industry roles to whittle down hopeful players in their school to a team of four’.

From there, that team will battle other schools in a massive Splatoon 3 tournament with both ‘regional and national qualifiers ahead of the Grand Final’

The aim, of course, is to inspire students to work together, improve their communication skills and problem-solve, just as they would have to when working at a studio or building a game together.

The programme has been deemed successful in the past with the Esports: Engaging Education report saying ‘almost all participating students reported an increased interest in computing, with the number of students more interested in studying computing rising by 40%’. That’s amazing! Previous students have even said that the programme helped them in their studies of computing and ‘video games related degree courses’.

This, of course, also gives students a chance to meet industry leaders, and to test their skills at Splatoon 3 against the rest of the country. Sounds like a win-win to  us.

To take part in the tournament, you can register your interest here.

Register for your school to become a Digital Schoolhouse here.

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