No Man’s Sky NEXT Update launches next week

The biggest No Man’s Sky Update since launch will arrive on July 24, adding multiplayer, visual upgrades and more.

No Man’s Sky NEXT will also bring the game to Xbox One for the very first time. This will include the option for unlimited base building and commanding freighters.

The new multiplayer mode adds long-awaited features to the game, such as fighting and survival with friends or random strangers across a vast sandbox environment.

You can build shelter, fight as a pirate or wingman and even ace exocraft across alien terrains by creating tracks and trails which can be shared online.


No Man’s Sky also lets you play in first and third person now, see more detail in ships, NPCs and buildings and explore dramatically improved planetary terrain generation.

For those who already own No Man’s Sky, NEXT will be a free downloadable content update from July 24.

The update is simply massive and will be supported by a physical release from 505 Games on July 24 in North America and July 27 in Europe.

If you stayed well away from No Man’s Sky before due to limited features, now might be the perfect time to get involved.

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