No Xbox conference at this year’s Gamescom

If you were expecting an Xbox livestream at this year’s Gamescom then, well, we’ve got some bad news.

Larry Hyrb, otherwise known as Major Nelson has confirmed the worst on his blog: there will be no livestream for Gamescom. In fact, there won’t really be much of a media presentation at all.

Tuesday morning in Cologne, select media will be invited to a showcase where they will be able to get hands-on with Xbox One games away from the public eye. Prior to that, Microsoft will host a short thirty minute presentation to their guests.

Throughout Gamescom, game and show-floor footage will be shown on Xbox Wire. Microsoft will gradually release a message and dripfeed it to eager viewers. Some announcements are expected to be made, not least of which further clarity on Microsoft’s improved independent support on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft are also widely expected to announce a release date for Xbox One.

This is a peculiar contrast to Sony who are hosting a massive conference on Tuesday evening and will be streaming it live for all to see.

The good news is that we will be at Gamescom next week and seeing Microsoft’s extensive launch line-up. We’ll be sure to report on everything as we see it.

For more information, read about it here

(Source: Major Nelson)

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