Grand Theft Auto Online is the definition of expansion

The word is out. Grand Theft Auto Online is a real thing and it is huge.

Where to begin?

This trailer should help…



GTA Online goes live two weeks following GTA V as a seperate entity on October 1st and, at present, remains a current gen exclusive. What is GTA Online? A large living, breathing, thriving world with plenty of freedom.

Want to affect someone’s stocks and shares? Launch an attack on their factory. Own a car. Insure it. Run drag races, play in deathmatches and tons more.

What’s more, Rockstar are going to keep expanding and developing this. Time after time, they will fill up ever square meter to make this the ultimate living world.

Ambitious and bold, GTA Online sums up the word ‘expansion’ and we can’t wait to keep learning more about it.

GTA V releases September 18th.

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