Nuclear Throne gets back in the habit with Update 11

Vlambeer has got back into the habit with a new update for their soon-to-release mutant massacre-em-up.

The game is available on Early Access via Steam and is being constantly updated by the team ahead of release.

Here’s the update…

  • Sounds for Chicken.
  • Sounds for Yung Venuz by Doseone.
  • Sounds for Lil Hunter.
  • Quadruple Machinegun!
  • The stats for best kills, loops and difficulty now show what mutant you were playing with.


  • Lower damage for the Snowbots.
  • Y.V. with Throne Butt now gets an even faster reload rate.


  • The low ammo sound effect no longer plays twice.
  • No more errors when doing quick restart from the pause menu.
  • Level generation has been optimized a bit, should be slightly faster.
  • Eagle Eyes now affects the spread of triple and quadruple machineguns as well.


  • Eyes now gives a tip about Telekinesis.
  • First work on a new area started, but the Labs aren’t far along yet to make them accessible. Soon.
  • Added Doseone to the credits.
  • Plasma bullets now leave some smoke.

The update can be downloaded for all early access users right now.

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