October Indie Round-Up

Yo yo yo, sup fellow gamers. It’s your regular indie-game guru here, rounding up some of this month’s most exciting new releases.

Game title: Knock-Knock
Developer: Ice-pick Lodge
Release date: 4th October 2013

knock-knockA Kickstarter-funded adventure game, Knock-Knock is an eerie horror themed adventure game developed and published by Ice-Pick Lodge. Our protagonist, the latest Lodger from a long line of Lodgers who lived there (well, three generations) has noticed some unusual events occurring in the familiar surroundings. Items going missing, unexplained noises. Something has been coming out of the woods, and at night, it seems to take refuge in the very same cabin that our Lodger is residing. The aim of the game? To stay awake and sane until dawn the next day. That’s not all though. During the night is the only time you can solve the main mystery and get some answers, and amidst all the unsettling nightmares of the night, you must find the key to this mystery and bring it to light.

A game created for those with a lot of patience, Knock-Knock is a unique indie game that can give you a real challenge. On an extremely positive note? It’s downright creepy, and just in time for Halloween too.

Download Knock-Knock on Steam for £6.99 today. (At the time of writing this was on promotion for £5.94.)

Game title: Jack Orlando: Director’s Cut
Developer: Toontraxx studios
Release date: 4th October 2013

jackorlandoOriginally released way back in 2001, Jack Orlando is a point-and-click adventure featuring a scruffy but shrewd detective of the very same name, who has been convicted as the main suspect of a murder case. Given one chance to prove your innocence, you must use your smarts and keep on the look out for evidence and clues to clear your name. Along the way, there are a whole array of cunning characters, garrulous gangsters, and endless enigmas, and no doubt you’ll find yourself in some tense and tricky situations. Spanning 4 episodes, and jam-packed with 200 action-packed scenes in dark alleys, fine saloons and seedy brothels, as Jack Orlando you must square up to the challenge and beat the clock before time runs out!

Jack Orlando: Director’s Cut is out now on Steam at the bargain price of just £3.99.

Game title: Cook, Serve, Delicious
Developer: Vertigo Gaming
Release date: 8th October 2013

cookserveA previously released title for Desura, as well as for both iOS and Android platforms, Cook, Serve, Delicious finally arrives on Steam, and it looks set to be a real treat. What can only be described as a hardcore restaurant sim, it’s a genre that allows players to take complete control of a restaurant, and figure out the best strategy in which to fill it with satisfied customers. Generously, everything in the game is unlocked to purchase from the very beginning, and along with building up the perfect restaurant for hungry, happy customers, there will be the opportunity to be cast in the Iron Cook television show, and throw parties for the offices in SherriSoda Tower. Ready, steady, cook!

Cook, Serve, Delicious is available now to buy from Steam, Desura, iOS and Android platforms. (The Steam version is currently priced at £6.29 at the time of writing.)

Game title: The Wolf Among Us
Developer: Telltale Games
Release date: 11th October 2013

wolfamongusBill Willingham’s Fables, an award-winning mature comic book series, where the characters and creatures of myth, lore and legend are real and exist in our world. On the 11th October 2013, The Wolf Among Us is finally released, an episodic graphic adventure based on the Fables series and developed by Telltale Games, creators of 2012’s Game of the Year The Walking Dead.

Playing as Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf in human form, and Sheriff of Fabletown, you will discover that the brutal murder of a Fable is just a taste of many bad things to come, in a game series where every decision you make can have huge consequences. Set before the first issue of the comics, this is the perfect game for fans of the series and newcomers alike. A mature and gritty take on characters from fairytales, legends and folklore who have escaped into our world, these are not the characters you’d see on a little child’s lunchbox.

Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us will be available to purchase on Steam for £17.09 from 11th October 2013.

Game title: Eleusis
Developer: Nocturnal Works
Release date: 16th October 2013

eleusisEleusis is a 3D first-person mystery adventure game set in a seemingly abandoned village in Greece, where the player’s character, whilst trying to find refuge, finds himself instead in the centre of a whirlwind of mysterious events. A story-driven game with an emphasis on exploration, information gathering, and survival-horror elements, you as the player face the challenge of unlocking the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries in order to stop a cult accomplishing their goal of reviving a dark force. What’s nice about this game is the puzzles, which are made to challenge the player, and are based on actual history and mythology of Ancient Greece. Featuring high detailed graphics, and a huge open environment in which to explore, players must employ stealth tactics in order to survive the threats that surround the area.

Eleusis will be available on Steam from 16th October 2013.

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