It’s Official: Stoic Are Great

Those of us lucky enough to have played Kickstarted, tactical role-play-em-up The Banner Saga will not be surprised to hear that those fine fellows at Stoic are now to be referred to as those fine award-winning fellows at Stoic after being crowned Most Promising Start-up at the Innovation Awards.

Stoic’s designer extrodinaire Alex Thomas had this to say:

We are so happy with how well our flagship title, The Banner Saga, has been received by the gaming community and feel very honored to be recognized as the Most Promising Start-Up at the Innovation Awards. We are working on the next chapter of The Banner Saga now and know that our fans will love the continuation that we have planned. Thank you to to the readers of and all of our fans for helping us achieve this award.

What a nice chap. If you’re new to The Banner Saga, why not check out this spiffing trailer as an introduction:

Looks pretty darn good right? Why not read our As We Play for more detail?

You can pick up a copy through all good digital retailers (and some bad ones) for the princely sum of $24.99/€22.99/£18.99.

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