The Banner Saga


The Banner Saga Gets Physical

The really rather spiffing viking-themed tactical role-play-em-up, The Banner Saga, is coming to real world stores near you, assuming you live in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, that is. But you don’t just get a copy of the game, oh no; this is The Banner Saga: The Collector’s Edition, baby!…


It’s Official: Stoic Are Great

Those of us lucky enough to have played Kickstarted, tactical role-play-em-up The Banner Saga will not be surprised to hear that those fine fellows at Stoic are now to be referred to as those fine award-winning fellows at Stoic after being crowned Most Promising Start-up at the Innovation Awards….

As We Play

The Banner Saga – As We Play

Imagine a world where men and giants work together to fight dark forces and preserve tranquility throughout the realm. Imagine armies and caravans having to butt heads with Brigands while dealing with treachery within their own camp, managing a poor load of supplies while on the road to their next…


The Banner Saga gets first major patch

The first major patch for The Banner Saga has gone live this morning and is full of community-fuelled feedback. For starters, there are options for Subtitles, achievement names have been fixed, numpad keys are supported for combat hotkeys, Kickstarter backer names have been added to credits and an issue where…

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