ONE PIECE World Seeker Pre-Order DLC lets you explore new secrets and dress in varied ways

ONE PIECE will be getting a massive open world adventure at the end of this week and you can pick up some neat DLC ahead of release.

ONE PIECE Seeker sees you take control of Monkey D. Luffy as you experience a brand new, never before told ONE PIECE story on an all-new island.

In ONE PIECE you can have access to all of Luffy’s abilities in the 20th anniversary of the anime’s manga publication and venture through an open world with various paths and secrets.

The game sounds awesome and seems to have plenty of post-launch support coming as well. To make the most of it, Bandai Namco have also put together a Deluxe Edition which gives you some new costumes and an additional mission.

The ONE PIECE World Seeker Deluxe Edition gives you a Battle Outfit and Bathing Suit Outfit for Luffy, one well armored and protected. The other? Not so much.

There’s also a ONE PIECE World Seeker Island Exploration Mission which takes you to ‘Strange Island’ Rocks’ – All we know from the description is that you’ll visit a mysterious location that ‘could only exist on an island rich with ore’. Hmmm, wonder what that could be?

The Mission and Costume DLC cannot be purchased seperately – at least, not yet. But we also know the Deluxe Edition comes complete with an Episode Pass.

ONE PIECE Seeker will have three missions post-launch and if you purchase the Episode Pass you’ll also get three more outfits for Luffy. They include

Kung Fu Outfit

Hunter Outfit

White Suit Outfit

No new details about Episode Names and Details have been released yet – we have the general game blurb to derive details from – but we know the game will have Gum-Gum action and see fierce battles amongst popular characters.

ONE PIECE World Seeker releases on March 14th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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