Override: Mech City Brawl introduces Ancient Gladiator Bellona DLC

Roman Goddess of war, Bellona, has joined Override Mech City Brawl as its third piece of DLC.

Bellona has joined the ring in full gladiator apparel with a unique cloak, spiked helmet, and devastating power punch to really round off the ancient Spartan presentation.

Bellona also used a Spartan-esque shield to deflect attacks and a devastating Ultimate spear attack which sees her launch multiple spears at her enemy, making her an extremely competent ranged fighter.

Her lunge attacks are her key method of attack, while she also summons spinning blades to protect her, but can also use them to keep her enemies away from her so she can use her range attacks.

Belona is part of the Super Charged Mega Edition and Season Pass, or can be purchased for £3.29 as standalone.

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