Overcooked The Last Morsel – DLC Review

Just when you thought you were out, they bring you back in … to the kitchen.

Team 17 and Ghost Town Games have just launched the first DLC pack for their surprise success story, Overcooked.

The Lost Morsel follows on from the exploits of the central game with 6 new kitchens filled with fiendish traps, as well as new cooks and environments.


There’s not much of a story to find here. Players are brought back further in time than they hoped and have to fly to a variety of tricky kitchens via helicopter thanks to a generous loan from Kevin.

The game strongly recommends you finish the main campaign first, both to make sure you’re familiarised with the recipes, and also so you can handle the pace which can be both overwhelming and occasionally brutal.

The good news is you can be a dinosaur cook that dodges fireballs while trying to make a burrito. It’s all your dreams come true.

At £3.99, it’s on the budget end of the spectrum and does present some nice value for money, particularly if you have a group of friends who you enjoyed the original content with. Alone, however, it’s more than a challenge, especially if you want to three star each level. Frankly, you’ll be very lucky if you can manage a single one on some kitchens.


As mentioned earlier, one kitchen requires you to dodge fireballs, however you’ll also have to deal with roving rats pinching your food while trying to move between either side of the kitchen. Because, you guessed it, on one side is all the chopping utensils and on the other is the serving station. You’re not only going to need effective team work, you’re going to need to time everything perfectly.

Another kitchen requires one cook on the left side to be stood on a button so the cook on the right can reach the ingredients, then you need to alternate so the cook on the left can serve up the dishes. Just imagine trying to do that on your own in a timely manner.

And while it is all in good fun, the problem I have with The Lost Morsel is that the first half of the content lacks the creativity of the second. Early on, it feels like it takes too long to get going, whereas from kitchen 3 onwards business picks up and you really notice a change in tempo.

All things considered, The Lost Morsel is a delightful addition to a truly scrumptious game, bolstered by some genuinely clever – if not blood-curdlingly irritating – level design. Plus you get a panda chef out of it. I mean, that’s worth at least a fiver, right?

+ Cute assembly of new cooks including robots, dinosaurs, and pandas
+ Some genuinely clever concepts that make for fiendish challenges
+ Travel by helicopter!

– Not really designed for single player action
– The first 3 kitchens feel overly familiar and a bit bland
– You’re going to scream at your friends! ((Actually, that may not be such a bad thing…)) 

Overcooked: The Lost Morsel

7 out of 10

Platform review on :- PC

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