Paladins Future’s End DLC Pack brings Atlas onto the front line

Hi-Rez Studios Paladins Champions of the Realm has received a massive DLC pack tailored toward the future.

The Future’s End pack adds the brand new champion – Atlas – to the fray, along with some Epic skins.

Atlas can control the flow of time and battles on the Front Line as Champion. Born in a Dark Future, Atlas is the son of a legendary Judge.

After studying Crystal magic books, he learned to control time and can fight back with a Chrono Cannon Gun Arm.

Additionally, the Future’s End DLC Pack adds exclusive skins for the following characters.

– Madame Seris
– Drakefire Tyra
– Kunoichi Skye
– Robo Force Ruckus
– Crime Fighter Sha Lin

Future’s End is out now for £15.99


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