Power Rangers Battle for the Grid will add three new characters with Season One DLC Pass

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid celebrates 25 years of Saban’s costumed warriors in a Marvel vs Capcom style brawler.

Featuring legends like Goldar, Green Ranger, and the Megazords, you can tag between allies in order to beat an opposing team.

And it looks like NWAY INC have some huge DLC plans for the game as they’ve just released a Season One Pass for £11.99.

This suggests there’ll be future seasons to come as well, but for now Season One will include an exclusive Dragon Shield Red Ranger Skin for Jason Lee Scott.

Three additional characters will also be added at a later date though no word on who they will be at the moment.

In addition, a Green V2 Skin for MMPR Green Ranger is also available for those who purchase the Season Pass.

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