Persona 5 Royal adds extra content aplenty with Persona 5 Royal DLC Pack

It’s launch day for the absolutely excellent Persona 5 Royal and you should be excited.

This RPG of a generation game has had one hell of an upgrade with new characters, scenes, locations, tweaks and much more.

It’s almost like a brand new game, frankly!

And it turns out SEGA and Atlus have a ton more content to add with a bunch of new DLC packs.

You can buy them in one big collection for £49.99 or pick them up individually at differing prices.

The Persona 5 Royal DLC pack includes Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Costume Bundle, Persona 5 Royal Battle Bundle and Persona 5 Royal Persona Bundle.

There will also be 6 individual sets of DLC added in the bundle, including…

Meanwhile, the Persona 5 Royal Kazumi Costume Pack adds 4 new cosmetic outfits for newcomer Kasumi, normally £11.59.

The Persona 5 Royal Battle Bundle adds 7 sets of DLC, normally £7.99, including

  • Challenge Remarkable Guest FULL MOON Set
  • Challenge Remarkable Guest FOGGY DAY Set
  • Battle Assist Pack
  • Exploration Assist Pack
  • Challenge Battle Extra Set
  • Healing Item Set
  • Skill Card Set

The Persona 5 Royal Persona Bundle includes 4 sets of Persona

  • Izanagi-no-okami & Izanagi-no-okami Picaro set
  • Female Orpheus & Orpheus Picaro Set
  • Athena & Athena Picaro Set
  • Persona Raoul

On top of all that, there’s two free DLC packs. The Persona 5 Royal Tracksuit Costume Set  and the Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle  which comes with all additional content from Persona 5.

If you still need convincing about just how good Persona 5 Royal is, then take the time to read our review.

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