The Rat and The Researcher Join Hunt: Showdown as DLC on Consoles

Two new legendary hunters have joined Hunt Showdown on consoles.

The Rat and The Researcher can be purchased seperately on the PSN Store and immediately dropped into the game.

Harold Black, The Researcher is a popular character, with his explosives and unique charm. The description reads..

Black received little success until later in life when a chance assignment sent it spiraling down a different path. His hodgepodge education acquired on many walks of life, gave him the unique ability to see connections no one else could, and see reason where others only saw madness.

Meanwhile, Tona Ramirez, The Rat, is a fast-drawing shooter with attitude. The description reads.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those living on the right side of the law, and those living on the wrong. Tona Ramirez was the second kind from birth. When she buried her father in an unmarked grave on the border, she took her inheritance: his nickname and a story of a man robbed of fortune. The Rat seeks that fortune now, and that search is what brought her to Louisiana.

Both DLC packs are available now for £3.99.

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