Pillars of Eternity 2 to get 3 DLC packs

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire releases on May 8th and there will be 3 DLC expansions post launch.

The expansions will add new areas, lore, characters, and quests to the base game.

The first expansion, ‘Beast of Winter’, will release in July. Your party will need to visit a distant island that has been inhabited by a mysterious doomsday cult. The island has a mysterious secret which will lead players to an adventure in ‘The Beyond’.


Next, ‘Seeker, Slayer, Survivor’ is due to release in September and will take on a more combat focus. Again, players will visit an undiscovered island, but rather than face brain-teasers and challenges, this one will rely on your tactical skills. You’ll be pitted against Eora’s best as you attempt to claim ancient relics.

Finally, ‘The Forgotten Sanctum’ releases this November and will see you confront the great wizards of Eora. This expansion will offer some major morality decisions, asking you to befriend, betray or befuddle the great wizards of Eora. The expansion will have far-reaching decisions felt across all of Deadfire Archipelago.

All three content packs come as part of the game’s Season Pass, available for $24.99. Each content pack can also be purchased seperately for $9.99.

Pillars 2 is shaping up incredibly and these content packs are certainly making our mouths water. We look forward to sharing a final review of the game very soon!


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