New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 DLC seems imminent

Treyarch Studio Design Lead, David Vonderhaar, has confirmed via Twitter that Season 3 is coming soon and it will bring big changes to the Blackout map.

In response to a request for new areas on the Blackout Map, Vonderhaar simply said ‘Working on it’.

In an interesting followup, David also talked a bit about his plans for Blackout and how it will differ from the rest of the competition. An interesting quote is that he sees the mode lying ‘somewhere between traditional COD multiplayer and Zombies’.

It’s nice to see the team try their own thing and not follow the rhythm of other BR games. We certainly got the vibe of something new and fresh when we covered Black Ops 4 last year.

The next official date for an Operation in Black Ops 4 is likely to be February 19 when Operation: Absolute Zero ends on February 18th, so we could see a major content drop around then. To date, Treyarch have given no official dates or details.

This all follows a recent rumour that two maps in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 had been unveiled, entitled ‘Station’ and ‘Casino’. The names were datamined from the PC version of the game with a brief description for each.

Station will supposedly be set in a Police Station centred in LA, while Casino will be set at night, and see you fight to a back drop of bars, slots, and tables in a high-rollers’ casino.

It’s all starting to build up, so expect some official news really soon!


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