Plants vs Zombies GW Garden Variety DLC out tomorrow

The first major content pack for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare hits tomorrow. Garden Variety, a free piece of DLC will add a new map, game mode and 24 new abilities for each class.

The new mode in Garden Variety is called Gnome Bomb. It pits 8 Zombies vs 8 Plants and the idea is to beat each other in a race to capture a bomb strapped to the back of a fleeing gnome. Once caught, the bomb must then be detonated in the opposing team’s base.

Garden Variety also adds a new map called Chomp Town where they can meet Pirate Zombies in Sharkbite Shores and Port Scallywag, one of whom shields himself with a treasure map. There are also 24 new abilities, three for each class. The new abilities include a Solar Flare Beam for the Sunflower, a Super Goop for Chomper which cements zombies in place and an Ultra Tackle from the All-Star zombie.


The update is part of a mandatory install and will be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 from tomorrow.

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