PlayStation 5 Presentation happening June 4 and it will run for a whole hour

It’s happening dot gif, Sony are going to lift the lid on some PlayStation 5 games.

Confirmed via the PlayStation Twitter account today and a new blog post, a huge online event will take place on Thursday June 4th at 1pm PT.

In the short video, we may have even got our first ears-on with the new PS5 loading sound. Take a listen.

Sounds glorious, doesn’t it? Dubbed ‘The Future of Gaming’  event is expected to run about an hour and show all new games.

Industry insiders have already said this is one to watch and it is expected to feature a mix of first and third-party games.

Interestingly as well, the image shows a black version of the Dualsense controller which had previously been unveiled as white.

We, of course, will be watching this one closely. Next-gen just got a little step closer.

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