Pokémon GO Liverpool Safari Zone will be fully playable from home

Due to Coronavirus, the Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Liverpool was unfortunately cancelled.

Today, Niantic have now revealed that those who bought tickets will be able to play the event, in full, from the comfort of their own home.

They have also outlined how the brand new City Explorer Pass will be impacted and how users can benefit from it under these extenuating circumstances.

Firstly, Incense used during the event timeframe on the ticket will last a full eight hours and will attract even more Pokémon than normal.

The Safari Zone Special Research tasks can all be completed ‘wherever you play’ according to the email. They will also feature increased Pokéball rewards so players are able to keep catching.

Finally, City Explorer Pass owners will not only see increased Lure Module durations, but also reduced distance requirements to hatch eggs during the event weekend, from April 17th 6am to April 19th 10pm local time.

Only those who purchased tickets for the Safari Zone will be able to access the unique spawns scheduled to be at the event, including Relicanth.

This is another awesome move from Niantic and even though it’s not in the beautiful parks of Liverpool, you can now binge your favourite films and TV shows while playing instead.

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