Pre-order Company of Heroes 2, get additional dlc

Those who pre-order Company of Heroes 2 from Steam and supporting retailers will receive exclusive bonus content.

The main addition is the ‘Theater of War’ mini-campaign, described as “a new single player story from another part of the war”. For those pesky winter maps, two new skins named Winter Ambush and Voronezh Front will give armored units a winter camouflage.


New multiplayer commanders will be made available for each army. The Wehrmacht enlist, the “Joint Operations Doctrine” providing precise artillery strikes, and the “Offensive Spearhead Doctrine”.

The “Anti-Infantary Tactics Doctrine” provides units such as flamethrower tanks and the “Conscript  Support Tactics Doctrine” supplies rapid reinforcements when they are most needed for the Soviet Army.



This replaces the pre-order bonus that was previously offered by THQ before entering bankruptcy, which included vehicles skins, Team Fortress 2 and Warhammer 40,000 unlocks for Steam users and vehicle skins for Origin users.

Company of Heroes 2 can be pre-purchased on Steam , but to keep you going until release, look out for our preview of Company of Heroes 2 here on Expansive DLC, on April 10th

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