Predator: Hunting Grounds – All You Need To Know about DLC, Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions

Predator: Hunting Grounds has snuck up on us all in recent days and is proving a popular multiplayer hit already.

Coming from the famed creators of Friday the 13th The Game, Predator: Hunting Grounds puts you up against the ferocious beast in a team-based shooter.

This asymmetrical multiplayer shooter has two different editions available on the PlayStation store and we’re going to talk you through what each has to offer.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Digital Deluxe $59.99

The Digital Deluxe Edition has a bunch of exciting extras for you to check out, including Early Access to various items and additional booster XP to help get you started.

It’s a really generous package for just $20 above standard price and included is.

• 48 hours Double XP
• 5 Field Lockers
• PlayStation themed Fireteam Camo and Weapons Skin (exclusive)
• PlayStation themed Predator and Armor Skin (exclusive)
• PlayStation themed Predator Mask War Paint
• Early Access to Battle Hardened Assault Character
• Early Access to Predator Eclipse Mask
• Predator: Hunters digital comic by Dark Horse
Follow a group of human survivors who have decided to turn the tables on the Predators. This 120-page collection includes Predator: Hunters issues 1-5.
• PS4 Dynamic Theme
• Digital Mini Art Book

Predator: Hunting Grounds Standard £34.99

The Standard Edition of the game just comes with all base content, with some in-game purchases optional.

Lots of content in the Digital Deluxe Edition, then.

In-game purchases also include Field Lockers, with chests full of rewards. As with most games, these can be earned through levelling or paying to get them early.

Loot comes in various forms, with Gold being Mythical, Red Exotic, Pink Rare, Purple Uncommon, and Blue Common.

No word on if further DLC / Content Updates are expected for Predator: Hunting Grounds, but based on support for their previous games, it’s certainly a strong possibility!

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