Preparing for Return to Monkey Island: Making your first trip in search of the Secret of Monkey Island

Our preparation for Return to Monkey Island continues as we take you through Part 2 of The Secret of Monkey Island.

Now we know the release date for the Terrible Toybox and Devolver Digital sequel, in celebration we’re going to help you make your first trip to the mysterious, secretive island shrouded in mystery.

With a despondent crew and a decaying ship, this is a little bit trickier than it sounds. But with this guide, you’ll be right on your way in no time.

Part Two: The Journey

How to get to Monkey Island

This Part is pretty short and the main aim of it is to get your ship to Monkey Island. The problem is your crew has mutineered and you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Which means it’s time for a little bit of voodoo magic to get yourself back on the right track. You just need the right ingredients.

First off, head into the Captain’s Cabin behind you. Pick up the Ink bottle and Feather Pen off the desk. There’s also a drawer you can open on the same desk and inside is a dusty book which serves as a Captain’s Log. Give it a quick read to get some interesting context on the ship’s history and a future character you’re due to meet.

You can leave the cabin now and climb up the rope ladder to get to the Crow’s Nest. Grab the Jolly Roger flag flapping in the wind then climb back down.

Head back down and go into the Hatch, all without snarling and grimacing at your crew who are loving life and taking in some sun.

First of all, go down the second square hatch to go down a further level. From here, pick up the rope left on top of a barrel. Next to that, open the chest to gather a Wine Bottle. Then move over to the barrels on the left, open them and take some gunpowder. Now go back up the ladder.

Head under the archway and into the kitchen. To your left, open the cupboard and take a box of cereal. Open it up and after crunching through the contents, take your prize and open it up to find a small key. Head back upstairs and up on deck, go back in the Captain’s Cabin and use the small key in the cabinet on the far right hand side. Take and open the chest and take the recipe and cinnamon sticks.

Remember the ingredients we said you needed? You’ve been picking them up all along and now have all you need for the recipe on the sheet – even if it doesn’t read like it. Head back down to the kitchen but before you start putting things in the cooking pot, pick up the small pot. It’ll come in handy later.

Alright…dump the following in the cooking pot…

– Cinnamon sticks
– Breath mints
– Jolly Roger Flag
– Ink Bottle
– Wine Bottle
– Rubber Chicken
– Cereal Box
– Gunpowder

Right after, there’ll be a major explosion and Guybrush will pass out on the floor for several days. When he comes to, head to the deck and you’ll see you’ve arrived at Monkey Island! Unfortunately, Guybrush can’t swim, so getting there will require a familiar trick from Part One.

Grab some more Gunpowder from the hatch underneath, then go back into the kitchen and use either the Dusty Tome or Map on the fire to get some portable flaming mass. Then head back to the cannon, use gunpowder in the nozzle and attach a piece of rope to the back.

Now it’s time to be fast, use the flaming mass on the makeshift fuse and quickly use the pot, putting it on your head. Guybrush will slide into the cannon and just like with the Fettucini Brothers, be shot out and straight onto Monkey Island.

Part 3 awaits…

Another Part down! Any questions or if you’re stuck in a particular area, let us know in the comments section below.

Not long until Return to Monkey Island, arriving on September 19.

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