Rad Rodgers Radical Edition adds Duke Nukem and Co-Op in new DLC out February 26

Rad Rodgers is heading to Nintendo Switch on February 26 and it will bring with it a host of changes which will be available as DLC for all other versions.

Entitled ‘Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition’ the game will get new multiplayer options with a local co-op and versus Battle Mode.

What’s more, Duke Nukem, Lo Wang, Cosmo and Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison will be made available as playable characters for the multiplayer modes.

Slipgate Studios have even added in some new levels, abilities, mini-games, secrets, collectibles and unlockables to bolster the experience even more.

These will ship out of the gate for Nintendo Switch owners, but the content will also be available as a free update for PC, PS4, and Xbox One owners on February 26th.


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Sam grew up with a PS2, spending hours howling at the moon in Okami and giving students wedgies in Bully. Fortunately, she also likes Pokemon because otherwise life could have been quite annoying for her.
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